Kelley, Montclair, NJ

"Susan has been an essential part of my career transition into entrepreneurship, helping me focus and prioritize my scattered ideas about starting a business. She can wear two hats when it comes to coaching would-be entrepreneurs: she has successfully launched and run a business of her own, and she possesses outstanding coaching instincts and skill. She has enabled me to notice and embrace the qualities and skills I am bringing to my new enterprise with friendly but penetrating questions and her razor sharp insights. On top of all that, she is smart, engaging, and unflinchingly honest. I strongly recommend Make It Happen Coaching without hesitation to budding entrepreneurs and anyone else. Susan can make the whole change process richer and more successful."


I worked with Susan at a career crossroads in which I wasn't sure whether I wanted to stay in my field or venture out on my own. Susan's superpower is helping you get beyond the "shoulds" to identify what you really want and put a plan in place to make it happen. With her guidance I was able to define both my business niche and market segment. But more importantly, she helped me let go of "shoulds" and embrace what I really wanted - and needed -to do. As a creative and recovering perfectionist, I sometimes lose steam when it comes to implementation. But with Susan's help, I've been able to break down big ideas into smaller, achievable goals. It's made all the difference in getting things done and learning to be good enough. Being accountable and talking it out really helps - as well as working with a professional who's been in the trenches. Susan brings tremendous enthusiasm and positivity tempered with the kind of realism that helps you achieve your goals.

Erin, New York, NY

"As a creative, I have an artist's tendency to doubt my ability.  But Susan and Make It Happen Coaching have shown me how to assess (and, yes, own) my strengths and resources, an exercise that has proven vital to building my confidence, setting ambitious objectives, and starting my small, multifaceted business.  In the short time we have worked together, I have written a book proposal, a consulting proposal, and I've set in motion the structure and promotion of a writing program I will offer in 2017.  Susan is a force; her energy and positivity contagious.  Lucky me!"     

Pat, Monclair, NJ


"Susan has been a phenomenal coach.  Working with her, I have been able to better understand myself in terms of my priorities, strengths, and weaknesses.  She is not afraid to ask tough questions and push me outside my comfort zone.  This has allowed me to approach both my work and my personal life with more focus, clarity, intent, and passion and I can't thank her enough."        

Michael, New York, NY

"Susan Funk is an exceptional life coach.  Working with her has been the most rewarding, joyful and meaningful time.  It has been an unexpected path of self-discovery and because of our work, I have gained insights that I will carry with me throughout my lifetime.  I came to life coaching as a wandering twenty-something who wanted a better work ethic - discipline, structure, schedule - only to realize that would come as I found my own inner empowerment.  Working with Susan, I have gained, at my deepest core, strength and wisdom to access empowerment, to acknowledge what I am the possibility of, and to love myself.  

I can't say enough wonderful things about Susan.  She is insightful, perceptive, quick to understand what is going on at a deeper level and knowledgeable about how to navigate the client to that place.  She is delightful, warm and supportive to no end.  I am so appreciative of her, her coaching, and of our time working together.  It has been truly  transformative."          

 Chelsea, Seattle, WA

"Susan is kind, supportive, vulnerable, funny, and loving.  Susan listened acutely to my requests for coaching, but also encouraged me to unearth underlying questions I didn't even know I had.  Over my time working with her, I saw myself engage and improve all portions of my life synergistically (even those we didn't work explicitly together on).  I have new tools and mindsets that will support my work and life for long after our time working together."

Jesse, Chicago, IL


"Working with Susan is magical, but in a very practical way!  I made more progress with her in six weeks than I did with another coach in six months.  Susan brings warmth, clarity, and deep consideration to her work and picks just the right exercise for you to see what's in your way.  After coaching work with her, I have more freedom and fun in my life.  At work, I've been nominated for a promotion.  At home, my husband and I are having a lot more fun raising our children."

Christy, Washington, DC

"One of the best indicators of a successful product/service is whether you would recommend it to your family or friends. When it comes to coaching, I would absolutely recommend Susan's coaching services to individuals looking to make positive changes in their life.  Susan works to empower her clients by asking tough questions, challenges them to work on finding solutions to some of the most difficult problems, and works with them to better their relationships with themselves and others. Susan's work focuses on the here and now, and I've recommended her to my closest friend.  I believe that Susan can effect change in people's lives if they are willing to commit to working with her."

Laura, New York, NY

Susan is a dedicated and enthusiastic life coach who is determined to help you achieve positive change in your life. Her astute advice and creative resources (not to mention her incredible friendliness and encouragement) help get you on the right track! Susan helped me to focus on my priorities and define concrete steps to achieve them. I highly recommend her -- thank you, Susan!

Ashley, New York, NY

"Susan is a very effective life coach.  She is engaging, friendly, and purposeful in her work.  She helped me piece together seemingly unrelated issues, prioritize them, and develop short- and long-term action plans to achieve their resolution.  I highly recommend her to anyone struggling to gain traction with their goals."

Sarah, New York, NY

"I began working with Susan as a new mom looking to re-chart my professional life and figure out how to balance my career trajectory with my family life.  Susan's coaching was invaluable in helping me to understand my motivations and strengths, and she worked with me to figure out a short term plan and to define longer-term goals.  I am moving forward with enthusiasm thanks to Make It Happen Coaching!"   

Nicole, New York, NY

"Susan partners with you to make and meet high standards that you'll set for yourself.  She has the special ability to at once hold you accountable while at the same time remaining nonjudgmental.  I find that you rise to meet the high standards of people that you respect and admire; people who propel you to accomplish goals you did not think possible.  Susan is one of those people."

Marc, New York, NY

"Susan is a warm, engaging and effective coach.  She has a unique ability to hold you accountable for staying on track with your goals while also making you feel incredibly supported, comfortable and confident.  I've only been working with her for a few weeks and I already feel much better about my personal capabilities and goals.  I recommend her very highly."

Julia, New York, NY

"Working with Susan was amazing.  She had me thinking outside of my normal thoughts. I have seen growth in the area that I was looking for.  I started new projects.  I never thought that I could use a life coach.  I can truly say, she was a big help to me and my improvements in myself and on handling different situations.  Thank you Susan!!!"

Angie, North Bergen, NJ

"I worked with Susan to re-start my career search while balancing a busy work schedule and home life. She helped me set measurable goals, think through strengths, establish up a workable approach, and substantially revitalize my resume for a lateral career move. Now I feel on the right track for the first time in years. Aside from the career help, Susan's advice and goal-setting helped me to maintain a better work/life balance at home and on the road. She is a great and valuable resource!"

Joe, Boston, MA