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60-minute Complimentary Coaching session:

Join me for a free virtual cup of coffee. We'll talk mostly about you and get very clear on: where you are in your life, where you'd like to go, what you'd like to create, and what's holding you back. We'll also answer your questions about coaching, working with me, and we'll decide if working together we can put you in the driver seat of your life.


Private One-on-One Coaching:

Real change takes time. We'll talk weekly for a minimum of six months to define success on your terms. In this weekly conversation, we'll dig deep to identify the ways you’re approaching time, money, work and relationships. We’ll determine what success means for you, and design a roadmap to achieve it.



"Are you the Prisoner, Passenger, or Pilot of your Life?"

Chances are, like many people, you are struggling with:

  • Career decisions

  • Money

  • Relationships

  • Health and wellness

  • Personal issues

Whatever your unique pain points, this small group coaching will help you seize the controls and become the pilot of your life.

Unleash the best version of yourself!

You’ll walk away from this workshop with fresh ideas, a brand-new perspective, and

  • A clear list of your personal goals

  • The first steps to achieving these goals

  • A renewed sense of agency over your life and more

Go from feeling trapped (Prisoner), or maybe just passive (Passenger), to confidently thriving (Pilot)!

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Simplify Your Life by Taking Responsibility for Everything!

Group Coaching

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