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About Susan

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Susan’s history is one of making choices others didn’t want her to make, of charting a fresh course when the beaten path no longer got her where she wanted to go, of living on her own terms

Susan Adler Funk combines the wide-angle lens of life coaching with the focus of business coaching to help clients maximize choice in their lives. A source of experience and a force of perspective, Susan helps clients break free of corporate shackles and become their own boss.

Early in her career she had to choose a job that supported her financially rather than a job that inspired her.  “When I graduated from Dartmouth, I didn’t perceive that I had choices,” Funk says. “My father was disabled, my mother was supporting the family, and I had to earn money.”

Later, even after graduating from Harvard Business School, Susan experienced gender discrimination in the workplace. But rather than sit still, she decided to do something about it.  She chose to set up a company dedicated to diversity research. Soon, she was leading conferences attended by Fortune 100 Companies.

Now she draws on her training with Accomplishment Coaching, her own life experience, and two decades of overhauling those same Fortune 100 companies to give people choices where before they only saw obstacles. She helps clients reset their fundamental relationship to money, time and work. Then she works hand-in-hand with her clients to co-develop a roadmap to their version of success. With Susan’s help people are learning what it looks and feels like to live life on their terms.




How do I find the right coach?  How do i know if I’m ready?

There’s no magic sauce here.  A good coach like Susan will meet you where you’re at, so there really is no “ready” there’s only fit. How do you determine fit? Read through the page. Give a call. How do you feel talking to this person? Are you relaxed and optimistic? Or do you feel rushed and like you’re being sold something? Listen to your gut.


What is the difference between life coaching and business coaching?

Business coaching helps owners set goals and develop plans to improve company operations. Life coaching takes a wider lens and addresses every aspect of one's life including leadership style, personal goals, relationships, commitments, and well-being.


What are Susan’s credentials?

  • Harvard Business School, MBA
  • Dartmouth College, BA
  • Accomplishment Coaching Yearlong Intensive Training Graduate
  • Ran consulting firm for 12 years, advising Microsoft, IBM, Intel and other tech companies on their diversity efforts
  • 18 years raising kids in Washington State

What’s included in a session?

The first conversation is all about getting a lay of the land. Where are you at? What’s challenging you? Later conversations will dig in on fundamental relationships that you’ve formed with things like work, time, money and family so you can start reworking those relationships.  


What's the process?

Once you've decided to Coach with Susan, we'll set up a weekly time to talk by phone or Skype every week.  Because defining your own success and creating a roadmap to achieve it takes time, Susan asks for a six-month commitment to coaching. Most of her clients stay much longer.  After that, you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.