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I’m equal parts map-maker and hurdle-clearer. I meet the ambitions of my clients with courage so they can move their lives out of park and drive a road of their own.

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I’m Susan Adler Funk. I’m going to help you break free of corporate shackles and become your own boss. Whether your goal is to start a business or spend more time with your family, my combination of business and life coaching will help you see opportunity and maximize choice. Want to know why I do what I do?


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60-minute Complimentary Coaching session:

Join me for a free virtual cup of coffee. We'll talk mostly about you and get very clear on: where you are in your life, where you'd like to go, what you'd like to create, and what's holding you back. We'll also answer your questions about coaching, working with me, and we'll decide if working together we can put you in the driver seat of your life.

Private One-on-One Coaching:

Real change takes time. We'll talk weekly for a minimum of six months to define success on your terms.


Simplify Your Life by Taking Responsibility for Everything!

Are You the Prisoner, Passenger, or Pilot of Your Life? 

Want to know if coaching is for you? Let’s get a “coffee”

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Stephanie Cowan Photography
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